PGC Chapter 568 - Exhale for Excellent Views!

We're moving on from action scenes to the finer subtleties of political intrigue with chapter 568. But hold on to your retorts, folks, we're just getting started!

In drama news, Legend of Yun Xi has hit 1.4 billion views! Today's celebratory graphic comes with yet another word pun in Chinese, which I'll translate below:

《芸汐传》 好看到1 4 《Yun Xi Zhuang》 hao kang dao yao si!
YAO SI is the key term here---by itself it means "one four", for 1.4 billion. However, it also sounds the same as 要死 (yao si), or "want to die." Thus, the sentence in the picture above can be read in 2 different ways:
  1. Legend of Yun Xi has been well received/seen up to 1.4 billion times (views)!
  2. Legend of Yun Xi is so good that I want to die!
And don't be put off too much by the noose---it's more common in palace intrigue dramas as a plot device than any suicide trigger, at least in Chinese culture. Whoever's making these graphics definitely has high asphyrixations in the pun department. ;)