PGC Chapter 567 + Legend of Yun Xi & Ju Jingyi Popularity Rankings!

Here's chapter 567 to bring us a bit of insight into the woes of being Chu Qingge. In other news, China's weekly rankings have shown improvement for both Legend of Yun Xi (moved two spots up to #3) and Ju Jingyi (moved four spots up to #5). You can see the full list via Dramapanda here!

I'm really happy the drama adaptation can stand on its own. ^-^ Those of you reading my recaps, be aware that Episode 5 was published last night! So far, the drama has racked up 1.3 billion views and still seems to be going strong. Here's the celebratory comic below:

Title: (Yun) Xi's Candy Shop! Tagline: Broadcast has hit 1.3 billion views with plenty of things for sale!

Long Feiye: Xi Qin candy is the tastiest! *holds up a lollipop* (Pun on the YunXi + Duke of Qin pairing) Gu Qishao: Come try a taste of Qi Xi candy! *holds up a giant wrapped candy* (Pun on the Gu Qishao + YunXi pairing) Han Yunxi (subtitles): Eat! *cues a flood of candy from her hands*

Closing Remarks: My lifelong wish is to have all 1.3 billion people of Tianning get a taste of candy!

Haha, so sweet~ >3<