PGC Chapter 565 + Emperor Tianhui's Idiom Pun~

Here's chapter 565 for you all. Looks like lots of new readers have caught up to the series in real time---welcome! And just when plots are brewing too, nice.

Today's Legend of Yun Xi tidbit features a play on words for the Chinese idiom 回心转意 (hui xin zhuan yi), which means "to change one's mind":

Instead of 回心 (hui xin), we have 徽心 (hui xin), or "Emperor Tianhui's heart" in the graphic above, turning the original idiom into 徽心转意. What does that mean?
"It means that Emperor Tianhui's intentions are hard to guess. He might be smiling on the surface, but he's got tons of schemes and design hidden inside."
Don't use this idiom in real life tho---unless you've read PGC enough to get the reference! >u>