PGC Chapter 563 + Funny OTP Chats

Here's chapter 563, a little late today as I got distracted by work. :)

For our fun bonus today I've prepared a little translation of the Weibo messaging between Zhang Zhehan and Ju Jingyi, the actors for LFY + HYX. Onscreen they're a couple, but off-screen they'd adopted a more fun 'mother and daughter' persona thanks to ZZH's care of JJY on set. Here are the amusing screenshots below, which were posted to the official drama weibo for laughs!

JJY: Aiyaya, mommy suddenly showed up ZZH: I heard my daughter's beautiful singing and woke up from my dream (snore emoji)

(User Comment) FocusJ: You're the first ones I've seen to change a Boy x Girl into a Mom x Daughter pairing. (LOL emoji) (User Comment 2): Mom x Daughter CP [couple], that's sweet.


ZZH: Do you like the kiddie classes I signed you up for? JJY: Mom! Your child signed up for the youth classes! (eyeroll emoji) (User Comment 3): Stop talking and get together already (doge emoji) (User Comment 4) Ceclian: Have you guys considered taking your friendship to the next level?

By the way, the 'classes' they're referring to is Ju Jingyi's recent dabbling into Taekwando lessons, which she posted about on Weibo as well. Translations via The_Hedonist48 below:

Cheers and happy novel reading!