PGC Chapter 562 - The One Billion Breakthrough!

Here's chapter 562 courtesy of one sleepy translator...oof. In other news, Legend of Yun Xi has finally broken through 1 billion views online and is still topping the charts! Here's a whole slew of posters and graphics to celebrate! Note: There will be no recaps today because translator is too busy and needs to crash! <3

Yunxi magazine!

Fake titles on right, from top to bottom:

  • Qin Wangfei Special Issue Coral-hued style
  • Tianning's Miracle Doctor Han Yunxi Real and working tips for whiter complexions
  • Creating a pretty and lively fads: a crash course
  • Tianning's Scenic Routes Fashionable little shops Recs for Delicious Foods
Other graphics also include one with Tang Li of all characters and a chibi Han Yunxi, lovingly cropped and ready for adoption via our helpful GZ at the bottom of this post![expand]


And of course, gratuitous fluff:[expand]


Happy novel reading, everyone. :)