PGC Chapter 561

Here's chapter 561! This'll be the last full chapter we get into Little Qi (Xiao Qi's) life and at last---a bid for freedom!

It's still July 7th here where I live. If we go by the lunar calendar, we're still about a month too early, but otherwise the 7th day of the 7th month marks...Gu Qishao's birthday.

Hurhur. :')

GQS: Even with this character merging crisis going on in the dramaverse I seem to have an easier time of things over there. So far.

Here's to wrapping up the tail end of an unfortunate childhood. It's probably just the first of more to come, sigh...

Side Note: if you told me a year or two before that I'd be able to use actual GIFs of the PGC novel characters to express themselves, I would've only half-believed you. Look at us now, woohoo! <3