PGC Chapter 555 + More LOY Rankings Milestones!

The fight in the forest continues as Witch Aunt and Chu Tianyin slowly finds themselves overwhelmed. But as usual, something unexpected interrupts the chapter 555!

Speaking of fives, Legend of Yun Xi managed to reach the #5 spot for webdramas this week! Actress Ju Jingyi got to join in the bonus by reaching #9 on the Weekly Celeb Rankings. Congrats to them both! The watchers are still climbing steadily and have broken through 600 million views as of yesterday. Our congratulatory banner this time features a chibi Ouyang Ning Jing sitting on Tang Li, ahahah~

"We fought fought fought 'til we broke thru 600 mil!"

In other news, if you're curious about Ju Jingyi, she just finished filming (alongside her gorgeous co-star Alan Yu Menglong) after 4 months of work on The Legend of White Snake remake! (Yeah, I'm totally watching that series too.)

Also check out this nifty behind the scenes footage of a battle scene. JJY's the one in white. They're totally doing that backstroke-flailing-arms thing while they free-fall in the air, hahah! (Click arrow to expand)[expand]

This is a vast improvement from her early days experiencing wire work, ahaha~

Bonus clip with her co-stars, which include Xiao Qing (Little Qing), the green snake, and a righteous Buddha monk. (Anyone think JJY's character and Xiao Qing looks a bit like Yang Mi's Bai Qian/Su Su personas in the first half of this clip?):


Peace out, and happy novel reading!