PGC Chapter 554 + English Lyrics for LOY's Ending Song! (500+ million views!)

Those of you hoping to cut down on suspense should go read chapter 554 first! For everyone else, Legend of Yun Xi has exceeded 500 million views and released the full-length version of their ending song 《叹云兮》"Tan Yun Xi," or "Sigh" as promised! And yes, it does sound like "Yunxi sighs" if you read the name out loud in Chinese. First off, here's the celebratory poster for all the yummy new views:

Ignore the fact that they just flipped the weibo banner image to make this graphic. Note: I did not see a 400 million views poster anywhere on their account, though I did catch this alternative graphic featuring Long Feiye + gold leaves for a 200mil milestone. Meanwhile, singer + actress Ju Jingyi has weighed in on the song herself via Weibo:

I've also subbed the lyrics and uploaded the video on YouTube, so feel free to watch it below! Two interesting things to note about the video lyrics:

  • my beloved - note that this phrase literally reads as heart's blood (心头血) for...reasons that would be too spoilery in a YT video like this!
  • Plum Blossom Sea - name of an estate that Long Feiye gifts to Han Yunxi, both in the novel and the drama. As hinted by the name, it's surrounded by plum blossom trees.