PGC Chapter 552 + LOY Relationship Chart & First Impressions Post!

Join us for a literal cliffhanger of triple proportions in today's episode of---whoops, not the PGC drama---in today's chapter 552! There are more links in the text ahead, so prepare yourself!

Our local reader sithkazarthe same creator of PGC's massive relationship diagrams, has also extended her talents to making a Legend of Yun Xi character relationship chart. It can also be found on the drama recap's Table of Contents page for easy reference. ;)

The best part of the drama launch is all the nice visuals I can now put in announcement posts, woohoo. And there's so many of them, ahhhh! 

Subbed versions of the episode previews have reached up to all 48 episodes; unfortunately, it seems that the production company in China has blocked the videos in certain regions (?!?). Sorry about that, folks. ; u ;

And finally, my First Impressions post for Legend of Yun Xi is now live at Dramapanda! Do feel free to check it out and share your comments if you have time. Recaps of episodes 3 and 4 will be out this Sunday, too!