PGC Chapter 549 + LOY breaks 100 million views ^-^

Heeeeere's chapter 549! Things are heating up for Gu Qishao (hurhur), but will our wily Qin couple make it to him unscathed?

Congrats to the webdrama as well, which has broken 100,000,000 views online!

Our local Duke of Qin is pleased enough to give Yunxi headpats, aww.

In other news, resourceful readers have been finding all sorts of links to watch the Legend of Yun Xi drama. If you scope the comments sections under posts like these (or wander over to our Discord channel), you might find...interesting pointers. >.> <.< In a fit of inspiration, I skipped dinner last night to recap the first two episodes (kyaa kyaa), which you can start reading here.

Please note that there are two versions of Legend of Yun Xi currently floating around the Internet! One is the official iQiyi web version, which is where I'm basing my recaps from. (The episode previews I've subbed on YouTube match this version as well.) The other is some rogue version found on YouTube; although it does have user-submitted English subs, the order of scenes both between and within episodes are significantly different. You're welcome to watch whichever version you like, but just note that my recaps will only follow iQiyi's web episodes! ^-^