PGC Chapter 548 - Today is the drama premiere + Recap Poll Results!

Premiere day is here, ahhh~!

Apologies for the blurry pic, it was the best I could find without a Weibo account of my own. =u= Again, here's chapter 548 for our PGC novel readers. Legend of Yun Xi watchers, you have a treat: as of 4 hours before this post published, the drama aired its first episode! Moreover, results of the "do you want Sunday recaps of this thing" poll have overwhelming votes for Sunday drama recaps in lieu of one (1) PGC release that day! 

So starting next Sunday, I'll be releasing my first recap thingie, I guess. ^-^ Scratch that, I have Episode 1 and two done and ready to go already. (Also check out Dramapanda for my first impressions post of the drama around then, too.) I've already set up a working page just for drama recaps titled under Legend of Yun Xi. You can also access the page from the PGC Table of Contents page (there's a lot of goodies there actually, so be sure to check out allll the links).

You know you're in the right place when the Table of Contents looks like this (in dark mode).

If you want to give a try at deciphering the raws yourself, here's the series' official page at iQiyi. Do note that non-VIP members (like me) only get access to two episodes a week at 8PM China Standard Time every Monday and Wednesday!

Now if you're still with me, go ahead and check out the updated Legend of Yun Xi preview clips! They'll be uploaded throughout the week so people who love spoilers can spoil the whole series for themselves in like 24 minutes if they like! Today's clips already cover Episodes 1-24. uwu (A BIG THANKS to volare editor Dray for getting me all the footage, ah~)

And finally, I'll be hosting a group viewing of Legend of Yun Xi sometime soon-ish. I'll post the link both here and in volare Discord, so feel free to join us then! Dang it, things are getting exciting for PGC both in and out of the novelverse. Who knew this series would get its own manhua and drama adaptation after volare started English translations? Not me, that's for sure---so I've been kinda on a perma sugar-high this past week. Heehee~

<3 Ruyi