PGC Chapter 547 - One Day Left to the Premiere!

Bonus! If you wanna get in on the LoY hype like me, there's this nifty banner you can display anywhere. I put mine on my twitter page, heheh~

As usual, here's chapter 547 first. Today's video additions to the Legend of Yun Xi playlist include awesome behind the scenes tidbits for Gu Qishao, Long Feiye, and Han Yunxi's actors, as well as the MV of the promo song with translated lyrics subbed in! Starting from tomorrow, I'll also be posting clips from all 48 episode previews as well. Don't worry, I'll link ya. ;)

So far, poll results seem to be heavily favoring a Sunday subs recap of the Legend of Yun Xi drama. Still want to get your word in? Tell you and your friends to vote here before tonight's Sunday deadline!

We wrap up the countdown with some more promotional posters. And yeah, it's a storyline that's not faithful to our novel per se....but where else are ya gonna hear people quoting iconic lines from the book along with character names? uwu

Left to right: Zhang Zhehan as Long Feiye and Ju Jingyi as Han Yunxi

Our leading men also get their own character posters:

In both novelverse and dramaverse, Gu Qishao's got alternate identities aplenty.

Mountains and rivers---a classic Chinese synecdoche to represent a nation, a kingdom, a man's ambition to rule all lands~

*rubs hands* Happy Novel Reading!