PGC Chapter 546 - Two Days Left to the Premiere!

First off, a little apology to Mr. Gu Qishao for missing his 3-Day Countdown graphic yesterday. *coughs* 

Second off, here's chapter 546! Looks like we're done with Medicine City shenanigans for now, so I've set today as the start of a new story arc (go me). Today's countdown graphic for Legend of Yun Xi also features, funnily enough, dramaverse 'best friends' Han Yunxi and Gu Qishao, with poor Long Feiye occupying a space all by his lonesome in another poster. Kekekek. (It's alright, I bet the OTP gets their own poster tomorrow.)

From left to right: Best buddies Han Yunxi (Ju Jingyi) and Gu Qishao (Mi Re/Merxat)

Zhang Zhehan as Long Feiye ruyi: hahaha he's jealous that his waifu is with another man guan zhong: lol that 2nd one looks like he just realized he can't read ruyi: ....(crap, now i can't unsee it)

Oh well. Better luck next time, Duke of Qin! Yeah, he's not my favorite casting but....but look at the big picture, I say! It's good that the drama's getting more attention for PGC, because heckie yeah I'd like more peeps to know about the story~ >u<

Once again, check the updated playlist for 7 new translated videos today, including profiles for Gu Qishao, Long Feiye, and Han Yunxi! And of course, make sure to vote in the Sunday drama recaps poll to make your voice heard.

With love,

Ruyi (& Khuja!)