PGC Chapter 545 - Three Days Left to the Premiere!

Today's chapter 545 marks the end of...where I read up to the raws before I started translating PGC! From this point on, I'll be as clueless as the rest of you when it comes to plots (except for like places where I skimmed ahead to check on the status of characters, lol). Feels kinda exciting~

Our Day 3 Countdown graphic features Emperor Tianhui and Chu Qingge, so naturally the LoY playlist will have their videos as well! Also make sure to vote on our very important drama recaps poll. ;) So far we've had 136 responses, but I'm still waiting for more. Deadline to respond is by end of Sunday EST time!

From left to right: Hu Bing as Emperor Tianhui and SNH48's Kiki (Xu Jiaqi) as Chu Qingge.

In addition, iQiyi has already released preview clips of all 48 episodes on their site, which I'll be subbing and releasing to the wild after this slew of character intro clips are done. Don't wanna spoil too much, too soon. uwu Actor Zhang Zhehan has also released a Long Feiye graphic via weibo to commemorate the countdown.

Yeah, he's not exactly my mental image of Giant Ice Cube...but I've made my peace with it, so onwards ho!