PGC Chapter 544 with Clips + a Recap Poll!

4 days to the drama series premiere!

From left to right: Wang Youshuo as Tang Li and SNH48's Lin Siyi as Ouyang Ning Jing.

First things first, here's chapter 544! And today's additions to the Legend of Yun Xi playlist include profiles for Tang Li and Ning Jing in honor of the new countdown graphic, plus a mini-interview of the actors. I've also found more great clips to add to the collection since then so look forward to seeing those in the coming days, kyaa~

Now for an important poll! Do you want recaps of the Legend of Yun Xi drama? I'll do the first episode for sure, but I'm debating whether I want to make this a regular feature on volare. If we go ahead with the project, then I'll be posting recaps every Sunday of the week's episodes in lieu of a regular PGC chapter release. (iQiyi is planning to release 2 episodes a week for regular/normal viewers, every Monday and Wednesday).

Rather than just summaries of each episode, I'd also like to point out differences between the novel vs. dramaverse in each episode too, including what they kept, what they changed, or which details got moved around, etc. Interested? Not interested?

Vote for what you want, then share your views in the comments! I'll keep this poll up 'til Sunday!