PGC Chapter 543 + More Videos & More Graphics!

Sorry for the late release today again, it's been a buuuuusy week at work. ;u; Here's chapter 543!

In other news, the countdown has begun! There are just five (五) days left before Legend of Yun Xi's premiere on iQiyi, so we've got a graphic to mark the occasion! Meanwhile, my English subs playlist has been updated to include mini-videos featuring Han Ruoxue, Baili Mingxiang, and the first fluffy moments video, so go and have a look!

From left to right: GNZ48's Xie Leilei as Bai Su, CKG48's Liu Jiongran as Han Ruoxue, and SNH48's Shao Xuecong as Baili Mingxiang.

We also have a nifty relationship chart and all cast posterbut I'm currently looking for less blurry versions so I can actually translate the text...grr!