PGC Chapter 542 + Sneak Peak at LoY Clips!

Dear All,

Here's your chapter 542 before anything else, as usual. uwu In other news, I've re-uploaded the first Legend of Yun Xi trailer and given it English subs so we can refresh ourselves for the upcoming premiere. iQiyi has also released short clips and tidbits featuring different characters from the drama, which I've listed out and organized like the following pic:

Now here's the important part: I'll be subbing each of these videos in English over the rest of the week and releasing them for your viewing pleasure in Ruyi's Legend of Yun Xi playlist on YT! Today we're meeting the three members of Gu Qishao's unofficial dramaverse 'harem': Bai Su, his bodyguard, Zhu Yu, Bai Su's main helper, and Yu Ze, a courtesan he saves who ends up crushing on him. You can consider these three ladies a combination of Mu Linger and allllll the female subordinates who serve Jun Yixie as the Hundred Poisons Sect head because yes, GQS and JYX's characters are combined in the drama!

Anyways, enough talk. Head over to THIS LINK for the playlist featuring the trailer and special clips above! And enjoy~