PGC Chapter 539 + Legend of Yun Xi MV!

As usual, impatient readers can go enjoy their reading first with chapter 539! The rest of you, stay put. ;) There's about half a month left before Legend of Yun Xi's official release, so news is coming out steadily. I'm sooooo happy, yay! >u<

Remember when I was raving about the promo song lyrics for the PGC drama adaptation a few days ago? 

The latest news has the song paired with a full-length MV (music video) of the drama series, AKA footage of the upcoming show. Please note that aspects of the drama differ dramatically from the novel---you should consider this close to "alternate universe PGC." I don't know why CDramas diverge so widely from their source material but...that's life, I guess. Anyways, I love the crispness of the visuals and Ju Jingyi's singing, so I'm sure I'll enjoy myself just playing 'spot the differences.' What about you?

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Holy cow, I can't wait for July to arrive. <3 Bless.