PGC Chapter 463

A certain translator stayed up too late last night so she's late with today's PGC~ *cough cough*

All that aside, made sure you read the chapter with LFY and HYX in the carriage very careful before this one! There's a bit of tricky math logic involved that might not make sense unless you get everything that's going on between 1) how HYX calculated the amount of antidote she should have based on what's in the bottle now + the Serpent Fruit size, 2) the amount of antidote that LFY took away to use on Mute Granny, and 3) the amount of antidote that Pill Fiend replaced with miscellaneous debris.

Good luck, and ping me in the comments if you're still left confused. The Chinese raws likes to use "4 parts, 8 parts, etc. instead of percentages!)

Chapter 463.