PGC Chapter 414 + Quiz Answers (Pt. 1)

Nice to see you guys again! Readers got 2/4 questions right for the Chinese New Year quiz event, so we'll be doing double releases of PGC and UPX today! Here's the link to chapter 414but those of you who are curious can check out the quiz answers below:

1) This classic Chinese novel is so well-known in its native country, it inspired a line of academic study purely dedicated to analyzing its text. Which color can you find associated with the name of the novel and its specialized branch of study?

A) Red (correct) B) Green C) Blue D) Yellow

A quick search for classic Chinese novels will lead you to four titles, of which only one has a color in its name: Dream of the Red Chamber (also known as The Story of the Stone). Scholars who specialize in studying its intricate text are part of a field called Redology!

2) Chinese mythology contains a myriad of different creatures, each with its own purpose and function. This mythological creature could often be found on the roofs of ancient architecture, and was said to be a symbol of immense good fortune.

A) Dragon [most readers picked this choice] B) Qilin C) Pixiu (correct) D) Chinthe

I admit this was a tricky one. While dragons could fit the bill, their role in guarding rooftops isn't quite as prominent as the pixiu. Additionally, while dragons hold multiple roles as symbols of rain, good fortune, and imperial might, one of the pixiu's sole claim to fame is their role as a particularly powerful good luck creature. Sorry guys, he beats the dragons this time!