PGC Chapter 37

Hey guys! I was supposed to talk about our January release schedule in the last announcement post, but I forgot. Anyways, it's basically like this: chapter releases will be 5x a week for the rest of January on the days of: Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat. 

Please be aware that I release chapters according to GMT-5 (EST) times, while the site runs on GMT+8 time, so dates might be confusing! (For example, it's still the 9th as I publish this post, but the timestamp says the 10th. If you're ever lost, just look up New York time to see where the chapters are!)

There will be a special mini-mass release for Chinese New Year (1/28 GMT-5 time), so look forward to that! As for what happens with releases after January, Khuja and I will try to work something out that doesn't keep everyone waiting too long. I'm building up a stockpile of translated chapters and she's editing up a storm. They'll be other options to speed things along, too--but I'll save that for when February comes around.

Thank you for reading this and for picking up PGC. This next story arc's a bit frustrating but we'll get through it before the end of the month, so stay strong!

And now for chapter 37.

Editor: Khuja Translator: Ruyi!