PGC Chapter 359

A simple wedding tinged with tendrils of regret, and a new plot to threaten our now-established pair. Here's the second of our double release~ <3

Chapter 359!

P.S. You'll probably see this in the story + footnotes if you look, but here's the featured song + lyrics for today's chapter: "Song of a Yue Boatman"


今夕何夕兮, Oh! What night is tonight,
搴舟中流。 we are rowing on the river.
今日何日兮, Oh! What day is today,
得與王子同舟。 I get to share a boat with a prince.
蒙羞被好兮, The prince's kindness makes me shy,
不訾詬恥。 I take no notice of the people's mocking cries.
心幾頑而不絕兮, Ignorant, but not uncared for,
得知王子。 I make acquaintance with a prince.
山有木兮木有枝, There are trees in the mountains and there are branches on the trees,
心悅君兮君不知。 I adore you, oh! You do not know.