PGC Chapter 35

.??:*:?12 Days of PGC!?:*:??.

Editor: Khuja Translator: Ruyi

The 12th and last day of our daily release party has come, just in time to tie up all the loose ends in a cliffhanger-free finale. We'll be having a special 5 releases/week schedule for the rest of January, with our fifth chapter for the week releasing this Friday (EST Timezone)! More details will be forthcoming in that post. ;)

As a reminder, feel free to check out our PGC Glossary to keep up-to-date for current terms/characters/locations. Spoilers have been minimized to account for new readers as we keep translating. :)

Now onwards to chapter 35! I'll be eating my birthday cake in the meantime, yum yum~ ^-^