PGC Chapter 322

In which Han Yunxi learns a helpless truth and steadies her resolve.

Chapter 322.

Meanwhile, the cast of Legend of Yun Xi gave their greetings upon finishing filming in this bilibili clip! (I really like the title screen ahaha~) Cast member appearance orders are as follows:

Han Yunxi Long Feiye Gu Qishao Tang Li Chu Qingge (remember, her character's combined with Duanmu Yao for the drama!) Baili Mingxiang Han Ruoxue (that's HYX's half-sister from like a few arcs ago, she's currently in jail xD) Yu Ze (original character, she seems to be a Poison Human of some sort, I think) Bai Su (another original character, she's the bodyguard of Pill Fiend) Han Yunyi (apparently this is...our little Yi'er? don't tell me they combined him with the older Han brother!!)

Everyone is the video is yelling "杀青" (sha qing), which basically means "filming's done!"

The girl in the green chair is Ouyang Ning Jing, Tang Li's wife in the drama~ Then it's Emperor Tianhui Then it's an imperial uncle--in this case, the man is a brother of the empress dowager/empress (I don't know which though)