PGC Chapter 282 - Meme Bonus Chapter~!

As usual, here's the link to chapter 282 for those of you impatient to get your PGC on!

I wasn't going to release a chapter today many nice PGC pics lately z0mg adfja;slkf. Here's Yunxi dressed as a court lady in...whatever plot the drama's cooked up:

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Apparently, her crew likes to draw random faces on her too~ (Click to expand)[expand]


There's actually a whole lot of other pictures I need to post, including more character posters (Gu Beiyue's there too!), in the next Legend of Yun Xi update. But for now, please enjoy the gift that made today possible, a collection of meme pics based on pictures here and from chapter 280.


Thanks to Parth, Draygen, BlancFrost and a whole lotta readers for the pics and love~ >u<