PGC Chapter 272

I hope you guys all had fun with the mini plot revelations in the last chapter! Moving on, it's time for our resident red-clothed charmer to have his chance in the spotlight. Chapter 272.

Also, IMPORTANT POLL FOR PGC READERS BELOW! I'm planning to change to daily releases of PGC after we hit chapter 300; however, that means I'll have to stop doing my teaser dialogues (since it takes time and effort to get all those conversations + GIFs).

You'll still get excerpts of the upcoming chapters (since I just need to translate those), but I won't be around to provide extra character commentary. The reason for this is to speed up releases so that 1) we can get more chapters out before the PGC drama finishes filming and 2) we can finish PGC the series sooner--daily releases means we'll be done by 2021, instead of, say, a year or half a year later lol.

Sounds like a good deal? Vote for your preference below!

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