PGC Chapter 263

Han Yunxi makes a choice to take the next step of her journey in chapter 263.

Also, after the success of the last live reading, I'll be doing another one of Unruly Phoenix Xiaoyao's first chapters (in Chinese as per request) this Sunday morning at 10AM (that's Sunday night for Asia folks). Details about the reading, which also includes fellow translators Grenn (Bone Painting Coroner), etvolare (Doomed to be Cannon Fodder + excerpts from her upcoming project!), Kuu (editor for This MC is Kickass) and Selutu (Red Packet Server) can be found in this post. You can also keep track of tricky timezones with this handy countdown clock.

Location will be the Storytelling channel in volare Discord, as always! Hope to see you guys there! <3