PGC Chapter 200

Woohoo! We've finally reached the 200th chapter of PGC after starting this series last November! (With that in mind, we'll probably reach 400 by the end of the year, hmm?)

No bonuses this time (aww), but I think the plot developments here will be enough to keep you commenting for quite a while. ;) Prepare your heart and your keyboard for chapter 200!

Also, please give a warm welcome to PGC's new editor, purple.angel135. She has a message to leave to you all too:

"Hello Everyone! I am looking forward to editing PGC! Thank you and enjoy!"
Meanwhile, Khuja is currently off editing other novels for the time being. By the way, there's a rather interesting surprise in this chapter that I wasn't expecting when I read it the first time. Did you? Tell me your thoughts/reactions in the comments below, 'kay? ^-^