PGC Chapter 185 - Mini Mass Release + BDay Wishes + PGC Sequel News + Legend of Yun Xi screenshots!

Welcome to our monthly mini-mass release! As usual, we'll be giving PGC readers 5 chapters in honor of the occasion, so hurry and take your seats. Court is in session with chapter 185!

1) Today is also my editor Khuja's birthday, so feel free to leave her your well-wishes in the comments!

2) Furthermore, Jie Mo's sequel to PGC is almost ready to publish, but she's delayed the release date to further edit/refine the text. You can read my translation of her apology to fans here.

3) Legend of Yun Xi (芸汐传) thread is going strong on the Novelupdates forum, including a new post with leaked "trailer" footage from the June 14th press conference!

4) Finally, I've switched to a new way to do footnotes for PGC! You'll be able to click on the tiny numbers next to relevant words and skip back and forth between the footnotes and where you left off in the text! Hope that makes everyone's reading experience easier + more enjoyable. ^-^

I'll leave you with some selected screenshots via the link in #3 from our upcoming drama series. Happy Reading and Watching!

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Title image

A certain somebody's wedding night (concept art)

Gee, I wonder who these two characters are?[/expand]

(More pictures in this post on NUF!)