PGC Chapter 183

In which Long Feiye shows off his ice cube skills. Play it cool, Iceberg. Play it cool.

Chapter 183!

Also, hey! The PGC drama (aka Legend of Yunxi 『芸汐传』) trio were recently spotted at Shanghai TV's 23rd Magnolia Awards! Publicity, people, publicity. Again, the drama is rumored to start filming on July 11th, while the sequel to the PGC webnovel supposedly starts June 21st. You'll want to keep an eye on both dates as they come!

Meanwhile, let's enjoy a video clip and laugh at Gu Qishao (Merxat) getting a one-up on Long Feiye (Zhang Zhehan) in the picture below.


Haha, Giant Ice Cube, you blinked! 

L to R: Merxat, Ju Jingyi, Zhang Zhehan