PGC Chapter 150

Happy Mother's Day from the eastern hemisphere! How'd everyone do on the PGC quiz? Well, you'll find out today. Here's the first of eight potential unlocked chapters with chapter 150!

Moreover, we'll have a breakdown of the questions and answers below, so read on if you're curious where you went right (and wrong). Correct answers are the bolded choices.

In which chapter did PGC post its first ever teaser?

Chapter 61 Chapter 72 Chapter 59 (CORRECT) Chapter 45

Pretty self-explanatory, you can look it up yourself!

Which poison did Han Yunxi use on Heisha in the cave? Ten-Thousand Snake Poison Ant Poison  <- most readers picked this choice! Spider Dart Poison Black Seventh (CORRECT)

Context was important here. Han Yunxi used Ant Poison on Heisha while they were fleeing, but once in the cave, she used Black Seventh, a poison made from the Black Widow and Seven-Pace Viper. The poison was administered in chapter 113 and its identity confirmed by Qingyi in chapter 114:

List the Han family children from YOUNGEST to OLDEST:

Han Yunyi, Han Ruoxue, Han Yunxi, Han Yuqi Han Yunyi, Han Yunxi, Han Yuqi, Han Ruoxue Han Yunyi, Han Ruoxue, Han Yuqi, Han Yunxi (CORRECT) Han Yunyi, Han Yunxi, Han Ruoxue, Han Yuqi

Han Yunyi is the youngest child, while Han Ruoxue is the Second Young Miss of the Han Family. Both Han Yunxi and Han Yuqi are the eldest young Miss and master, but Han Yunxi is older than Han Yuqi, as mentioned by Lady Xu in chapter 83:

“You thing that can’t tell good from bad! Your dog eyes can’t see Mt. Tai! Hurry up and apologize to esteemed wangfei! Even if she’s your older sister, you can’t afford to joke like this!”
Han Yunxi once obtained an important pill from a mysterious master named:

Gu Beiyue Gu Qi Sha (CORRECT) Gu Ruoyun Gu Qishao

This would, of course, be the Life Blood Pill that Han Yunxi got from Pill Fiend Valley! It was the Pill Fiend, Gu Qi Sha who provided the item. No other named pills have shown up in the story yet (poisons don't count).

Which of these was a rare plant identified by Han Yunxi in Pill Fiend Valley?

Wall-Hitting Demon Precious White Yimi Seven-Deaths Hawkwing All of the above <- most readers picked this choice! None of the above (CORRECT)

Did you read the answers too quickly? The correct plants can be found in chapter 62:

After a long wait, Pill Fiend finally decided and wrote down three items on his paper, making two copies for Han Yunxi and Duanmu Yao each. Han Yunxi didn’t even read it before Duanmu Yao said them out loud: “Seven Deaths Hawktail, Simple White Yimi, Wall-Hitting Ghost.”
How many days did Han Yunxi spend in prison while trying to treat Mu Qingwu, thanks to Princess Changping’s interference?

10 days 3 days (CORRECT) 5 days 7 days

The number of days is stated clearly in chapter 38.

“Oh…” Han Yunxi intentionally dragged out her words for emphasis. “So, you didn’t send anyone else after that?” Han Yunxi had been imprisoned for three whole days!
TRUE or FALSE: Emperor Tianhui only has two children.

True False (CORRECT)

Slightly tricky because none of Emperor Tianhui's other children have come into play yet, but you have a passage referencing another son in chapter 28:

Moreover, Mu Qingwu possessed military leadership and was a close ally and friend to the second imperial prince. He was completely on the second imperial prince’s side, but that man was the crown prince’s strongest adversary.
How many taels of silver did Long Feiye pay Han Yunxi to accompany him to investigate the “poison miasma” in the mountains?

300 (CORRECT) 150 200 500

Han Yunxi gave out the price at the end of chapter 45, while Long Feiye paid up in chapter 48:

After getting the secret military letters from the female spy’s body, he took Han Yunxi and left. They arrived at the Duke of Qin’s residence long past noon. The first thing Long Feiye did was to toss her the pouch of money, reminding her of their deal. She wasn’t shy at all about opening the bag in front of him to pull out a banknote worth 300 taels. Laughing, she replied, “Thanks, with this we’re clear!”

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