PGC Chapter 127

Do you like math? Haha, I don't, but when it comes to mini mass releases, I'm sure nobody minds the extra numbers. We'll be having a 5-chapter release fiesta to propel us past this sudden family drama, so enjoy the first of them with chapter 127. 

And with this mass release mass promotion! > u <

Demon Wang's Favorite Fei, Hidden Marriage, Evil Emperor's Wild Consort are three novels featuring romance and awesome female leads that have reach the 100+ chapter mark along with PGC!

On the guys' side, we have Star Rank Hunter and Cultivation Chat Group, both dealing with the extraordinary (and or extraterrestrial) in 100+ chapters!

History's Strongest Senior Brother gets a special mention for reaching 200+ chapters in record time thanks to its 50 chapters/month schedule. (Wow Meh, impressive stuff~)

If you're looking for a nice long reading experience, why not give these series a try?

Editor: Khuja Translator: Ruyi