PGC Chapter 126 + Bonus Content

Ayeeee, some villains really want you to pull out your hair, hmm? No problem, Han Yunxi's game to play a round with them in chapter 126.

New Section Unlocked! I've started up a page for the series for PGC Bonus Contentwhich will include things such as translator created content (April Fool's, anyone?), interviews, media reports, and various translated fanworks/reviews/etc. of the PGC metaverse. :3 You can visit the page by clicking on the link above, or finding the link in the PGC Table of Contents.

Our first bonus is a mini parody the author Jie Mo did for Valentine's Day 2017! 

Also, volare's looking to hire new people! Good at graphic design? A social-links master on Instagram or Facebook? Wanted to code your way around our site? Check out the details here. ;)

Editor: Khuja Translator: Ruyi