PGC Chapter 113 + Survey Results!

Hello everyone! First off, a thank you to everyone who took the PGC Series Survey! Though most of it was April Fool's based, it was fun to do and see your answers. Happily, we did get the max 3 winners for the last question: guessing a number between 1-100. The answer was 12 (my favorite number ehehe).

And the prize shall be....3 bonus chapters of PGC for April! First one will be coming out this Sunday, so look forward to that!

Those of you impatient to read along can now go to chapter 113. I'll be posting survey results (with commentary) below.

2017 April Fools PGC Survey Results
(Massive post ahead!)

By the time the polls closed, 430 readers had taken the survey (though not all of them answered every single question). A few took the survey just to vote for "Gimme back my chapters!" and "I want the full chapter, not summaries!"

Most Popular Male Character: Long Feiye (Runner ups: Gu Beiyue, Mu Qingwu)

Most Popular Female Character: Han Yunxi (by a landslide!)

Special Mentions: Chen Xiang (HYX's maid), Zhao mama (HYX's other maid), Steward Xia (awww), Pill Fiend, Han Yunyi (HYX's little brother)

Least Popular Male Character:

  1. Han Yuqi (HYX's older brother - 40 votes)
  2. Han Congan (HYX's father - 30 votes)
  3. Emperor Tianhui (23 votes)
  4. Long Feiye (15 votes)
  5. Pill Fiend (3 votes)

Least Popular Female Character:

  1. Mu Liuyue (General Mu's daughter - 50 votes)
  2. Murong Wanru & Princess Changping* (tied at 39 votes)
  3. Grand Concubine Yi (14 votes)
  4. Duanmu Yao (Princess of Western Zhou - 11 votes)
  5. Madame Li (Han Family's Second Madame - 7 votes)

*Translator's note: Sorry about the misspelling of Changping in the poll! There is no Princess "Chianping."

Misc. Choices for Least Favorite Characters:

  • 13 survey takers voted None for Least Favorite Male & Female Characters. Quote one: "Every character is important." Quote another: "There isn't any since sooner or later they [sic] evil people will be punished."
  • 1 reader voted for "cicada"
  • 1 reader voted for "little sister of the cutie pie"
  • Various readers put in "Han Family," "the antagonists," "all the females who cause pain to the MC" as their least favorite character xD
  • Various other readers picked the empress, empress dowager, and Han Ruoxue as their least favorite females.
  • Murong Wanru (HYX's sister-in-law) showed up in the poll as "white lotus," "snow lotus," and "Diarrhea Sister-in-Law."
  • 1 reader Yunchii voted for....Ruyi? Ehhhhhh??!! The translator's your least favorite female? Sobsob... 

And now, a breakdown of the multiple-choice questions with handy pie charts. You can click on the Imgur link below to see the statistics for each question. :D


Some interesting answers for the "Other" option in the questions include....

Which family/faction do you want to learn more about?

  • "Everything"
  • "Ruyi faction" (You must be at least Level 5 Friendship to unlock my Edgy Fluff Translator Backstory)
  • "Chen Xiang's family"
  • "Han Yunxi's real family (both paternal and maternal)"
  • "no one, since I already know"
  • "Zhao mama"
  • "whichever one the author wants to explore further"

Han Yunxi should be paired off with...

  • "Yunchii" (one can dream...)
  • "Bai Ze, from EAA" (if someone could tell me who this is, it'd be great! EAA is Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King's Wife~)
  • "Gu Beiyue & Mu Qingwu" (3 people voted for this)
  • "it would be cool if she had a thing with them but ends up with LFY at the end" (is this NTR??)
  • "Long Feiye & Poisons LOL" (2 people voted for this!)
  • "Long Feiye with Gu Beiyue's personality" (can we transfer souls?)
  • "reverse harem + poisons obviously + some females too idfk"
  • "she doesn't fall in love"
  • "whoever the author decides"
  • "that chair over there. And Long Feiye & Gu Beiyue" (what chair? whaaat chaiiiir?)
Which plot point should the translator focus on next?
  • "Heartwarming slice-of-life involving Han Yunxi, Han Yunyi and little Xiang"
  • "all of the chapters in reverse order starting from the last one"
  • "both LFY & romantic moments"
  • "Chen Xiang's daily life"
  • "I want to see Mu Liuyue run naked part"
  • "Steward Xia & Zhao mama"
  • "the horse that died back then with the python...what was his background"*
*He was a good horse with a loving family, survived by his older brother, aging mother and two little sisters. They will forever remember him fondly in their memories.

Should the translator ignore any character for future chapters?

  • "I trust the translator to weed out the undesirables"
  • "all of them, including Han Yunxi" (i guess we'll just have pages and pages of descriptions of backgrounds!)
  • "can you give them funny code names if you're gonna 'not mention' them?" (Giant Ice Cube, Giant Iceberg, Antarctica, Ancient Ice Age...etc!)
  • "For what reason are you doing this, I love the everithing the way it is. I wait for every chapter and read every word with joy. I DO NOT CARE IF I HAVE TO WATE FOR 10 YEARS TO THE END OF THE STORY. Pleas gimme pack my beloved chapters" (done and done!)
  • "I want to read pgc not fanfic of pgc, its effed up to take someones work and change it, keeping it under the same title. If you don't like the story, then drop it, don't disrespect the author by purposfully translating it wrong" (you got it! ^-^)
  • "just ignore those character who have an IQ lower than a fly. (mu liuyue, changping, etc)"
  • "pls add a likeable female besides mc, all others are only there to antagonize mc there should be some kind of bot servant friend" (there's hope for this yet!)
  • "You can totally ignore LFY" (welp, there goes our male lead--)
Which story arc of PGC should be replaced with an alternate universe version?
  • "The wedding. Why did no one die?"
  • "A crueller demise for Mu Liuyue and Wanru"
  • "DMY should die ASAP" (DMY is Duanmu Yao)
  • "The whole story should take place in a European High School for magically talented scamps and waifs" (Han Yunxi, yer a wizar---wait a minute)
  • "Wait, there's alternate version?" & "What's an AU?" (no, there's no alternate versions unless you count the ones written in fanfiction!)
So that's that for the PGC Series Survey! Once again, thanks for taking the time to reply, even if it was to rage at an April Fools' joke. You can be sure I'll be treating PGC with the respect it deserves--full chapters that are uncut, unedited, and translated to read!

Cya next time~