PGC Bonus Chapters Quiz + Survey (ALL RESULTS)

Okay guys! I have some time now, so let's get cracking. Long story short, you guys earned 12 out of fifteen possible bonus chapters! Where did everyone go wrong? Read on to find out (and keep reading to the bottom if you're curious about the survey answers too!)


WARNING: Graphics-Heavy Looooong Post Ahead!

What was the original surname for members of the Shadow Clan, protectors of West Qin's imperial family?

  1. Gù(顾)- 40.1% (close call!)
  2. Gū (泒)
  3. (孤)- 48.4% CORRECT
  4. Gǔ(古)

Although Gu Beiyue goes by “” now, the original surname of the Shadow Clan was “,” which means “lonely, alone.” It looks similar to choice #2, “,” so good job if you spotted the differences! This question was a neck to neck race until the majority pulled out a victory at the very end!

Which of the following locations is in the northernmost region of Cloud Realm Continent?

  1. Pill Fiend Valley
  2. Fishery Island
  3. Plum Blossom Sea
  4. Wintercrow Country - 81.3% CORRECT 

Located north of the snowy mountains in Northern Li, a simple glance at the PGC World Map made by volare’s lovely Yuuko would have yielded you this answer easily!

The following is a list of five physician rankings from Medical City. Pick the choice that lists them correctly from HIGHEST to LOWEST.

  1. Divine, Grand Adept, Sage, Primogenitor, and Scholar physician - 18.9%
  2. Sage, Divine, Grand Adept, Scholar, and Primogenitor physician
  3. Grand Adept, Sage, Scholar, Primogenitor, and Divine physician
  4. Sage, Primogenitor, Divine, Grand Adept, and Scholar physician - 69.2% CORRECT

Another easy answer if you checked your PGC Tables for the medical ranks tab! 

After being introduced to Perplexing Butterly Illusion for the first time, Han Yunxi showed LFY and Tang Li 3 poisons from her bag that could melt away:

  1. Hair, skin, and bone - 84.3% CORRECT
  2. Eyes, flesh, and organs
  3. Metal, wood, and stone
  4. Xuan gold, muscles, and teeth

This refers to the little adventure in which Long Feiye lent Han Yunxi the Pear Blossom Rain Needles and had her kill 9 assassins. When they finally found the leader of the female poison masters, she was already dead. LFY demonstrated the power of Perplexing Butterfly Illusion by dissolving her corpse, while HYX showed off her own arsenal of toxins.

What did Gu Qi Sha (Pill Fiend) use to prove that Long Feiye's claims about the bottle of Broomcorn Millet Poison were lies?

  1. Flavor of the antidote powder
  2. Blood mixed with the ingredients
  3. Color of the porcelain bottle - 88.2% CORRECT
  4. Scent of the poison powder 

Pill Fiend realized that by adding a certain concentration of medicinal dregs, they would mix with the antidote in the bottle to produce a burning reaction that dyed the inside of the porcelain bottle black. He used this argument to prove that there was less antidote in the bottle after he handed it to LFY.

Where did the first kiss in the novel between LFY and HYX occur?

  1. Plum Blossom Sea in Jiangnan (south central regions) - 10.3%
  2. Leisurely Cloud Pavilion in Tianning Country - 80% CORRECT
  3. The Skypit of the Poison Sect's forbidden grounds
  4. Three-Way Black Market on the borders of Tianning Country

The first “kiss” between our main characters was LFY pecking HYX on the lips after chasing GQS away from the Duke of Qin’s estate. He used it to claim her as his own, although neither party admitted their feelings until much later.

Which of the characters below has touched Lil Thing? [QUESTION FAILED]

  1. Duanmu Yao - 8.7%
  2. Chu Qingge - 25.5% CORRECT
  3. Su Xiaoyu - 33.7%
  4. Mu Linger - 32.1%

While it’s possible that Su Xiaoyu or Mu Linger might have gotten in contact with Lil Thing while working with HYX, it’s Chu Qingge who’s actually held the creature in her hands (and gotten scratched for it too!) back in Medicine City when Lil Thing went on a gorging spree and nearly got sold off as a pet. Lil Thing has also glared at Su Xiaoyu in the past when she was still a bad girl, buuuut AFAIK they didn’t get physical. Then again, my memory’s fuzzy, so if someone can prove me wrong in these 900+ chapters, send me a quote!

How many patients did Gu Beiyue cure/save during the medical skills competition in Medical City?

  1. One
  2. Two
  3. Three - 46.5% CORRECT
  4. Four - 36.2%

The key part in this question is cure/save. Gu Beiyue saved three patients: a pregnant woman, a woman with amnesia, and a girl who looked like an 80-year old grandma. The last one ended up recovering by himself without any treatment, so he doesn’t count!

Which of the following is NOT an ally and/or supporter of LFY and/or HYX? [QUESTION FAILED]

  1. Noble Consort Xiao - 36.2%
  2. Qi Zonglin - 31.3% CORRECT
  3. Huang Gengchen - 22%
  4. Xiao Zhengxin - 10.7%

You would need to check sithkazar’s PGC Relationship Chart for this. There are two Noble Consort Xiaos in the story: one from Tianning’s imperial court and the daughter of Xiao Zhengxin, an official in Long Feiye’s faction, and one from Northern Li’s imperial court as LFY’s high level spy. Thus, both Noble Consort Xiao and Xiao Zhengxin are allies. Huang Gengchen is the full name of Imperial Physician Huang, who was a good friend of Gu Beiyue’s grandfather. Thus, the only possible option is Qi Zonglin, who’s none other than the City Lord of Carefree City, the same mercenary group that tried to assassinate Han Yunxi in the past!

Who has the highest resistance to poisons in the list below?

  1. Poison corpse
  2. Poison nurturer
  3. Poison human - 13.4%
  4. Poison Gu - 75.8% CORRECT

Poison Gu is the only one of the bunch with resistance to high-level poisons, so they win this round!

List in chronological order the poisons that Han Yunxi and company have obtained so far:

  1. Water, Earth, and Wood of Ten Thousand Poisons - 67.6% CORRECT
  2. Water, Wood, and Fire of Ten Thousand Poisons - 12.6%
  3. Wood, Earth, and Water of Ten Thousand Poisons - 13.2%
  4. Fire, Water, and Earth of Ten Thousand Poisons - 6.6%

Don’t get confused! Water of Ten Thousand Poisons was the poison pond that HYX absorbed in Medicine City; Earth of Ten Thousand Poisons was collected in the underground area of the Poison Sect’s forbidden grounds (and they almost failed because the Chu Clan set the whole place on fire)! This is also where LFY did the amazing feat of holding up both HYX and GQS with one arm and his sword stuck in the side of a cliff! Wood of Ten Thousand Poisons was collected from the thousand-year gingko tree by the Buddha Caves in Western Zhou. 

Nobody in the story has found Fire of Ten Thousand Poisons yet. The only tangible mention made in the story was when Gu Qishao was in Three-Way Black Market and remembering having a hunch on where to find it.

What are Ning Jing's favorite flowers?

  1. Daisies - 72.8% CORRECT
  2. Roses - 8.7%
  3. Sunflowers - 9.8%
  4. Plum blossoms - 8.7%

 This was detailed when Tang Li decoated their bedchamber with both daisies and roses, then mentioned how he’d promise to plant a whole mountain full of daisies just for her. Plum blossoms refer to Plum Blossom Sea, the Jiangnan estate that LFY gave to HYX, while sunflowers are HYX’s favorite!

Bai Yanqing once promised to help Bai Yuqiao find her long lost...

  1. Family - 94% CORRECT
  2. Memories
  3. Hometown
  4. Keepsake

In an offhand comment in one chapter, Bai Yanqing told Bai Yuqiao he had news of her long-lost sister. 

Which of the following is the name of a real battle technique used by a PGC character?

  1. Nirvana Heart Strike - 23.2%
  2. Double Swords Harmony - 58.9% CORRECT
  3. Lustbite Seal - 9.7%
  4. Shadow Apparition - 8.1%

Double Swords Harmony is the specialty of the City of Daughters’ former city lord, who utilizes the principles of magnetism to fight with two swords in sync. The others are all made up. It's Nirvana Heart Arts, not strike, and Shadow Apparition is stolen from Naruto! Meanwhile, Lustbite Seal is the name of a type of seal, not any techniques!

The Tang Clan's #1 assassination weapon has a name with the following elements [QUESTION FAILED]

  1. Raindrops and fruit - 16.8%
  2. Blossoms and tears - 63.7%
  3. Hearts and holes - 2.6%
  4. Fire and flowers - 16.8% CORRECT

Again, don’t be confused! Let’s break these down one by one:

  • Raindrops and fruit - the Pear Blossom Rain Needles, aka Tang Li’s betrothal gift and the Tang Clan’s #2 assassination weapon
  • Blossoms and tears - the Pear Blossom Teardrop Rain, aka the special bracelet that LFY comissioned for HYX to use as her poison needle launcher. It’s about  as effective as the Pear Blossom Rain Needles.
  • Hearts and holes - not a weapon at all, just a reference to Tang Li’s words for Ning Jing at their wedding--how could he marry her if he (and the Pear Blossom Rain Needles) didn’t have heart? 
  • Fire and flowers - this is the right answer and refers to the Tang Clan’s #1 assassination weapon: the Raging Flame Lotus. It was only mentioned by name once in the story so far and is currently in Baili Mingxiang’s possession as the last trump card against Bai Yanqing!

Next up, a collection of survey feedback from PGC readers!

Pictures speak louder than words, so I'll have you guys look at charts instead!

Ning Jing takes the next batch at 3.8%, while everyone else is too insignificant to mention. Special shoutouts included Lil Thing and Zhao mama!

Don't you guys think it's a little impressive that Duanmu Yao's hate statistics are almost as high as HYX's popularity? Rounding up the poll are Mu Liuyue (4.9%), Chu Qingge (6%), Bai Yuqiao (3.3%) and Murong Wanru who I forgot because she's been permanently braindead for so long! (I guess Princess Changping should be there too...well, that's what the "Other" option is for, hah!)

Haha, was anyone surprised? For the remaining sections, we had Gu Qishao (6.4%), Tang Li (3.7%), Ning Cheng (4.8%). Gasp, our West Qin general is more popular than our Tang Clan Head? Tang Li's gonna riot, lol!

The next biggest sliver is Chu Tianyin (2.7%). Looks like a few readers think Cang Qiuzi (LFY's martial uncle who punched him badly!) deserve to be up there too, as well as Ning Cheng. Dundundun!

Hey! Advance chapters for anyone who wants to visit me at my palace! Assuming you find it first, of course. Following up are Bushii Island (8.2%), Tianning Country (7.7%), Mysterious Continent (5.5%), Fishery Island (2.2% and I guess you guys really like your seafood), Northern Li (1.6%).

A lot of choices here, so breaking it down further we get Hundred Poisons Sect and Medical City (5.5%), Celestial Mountain Sword Sect/City of Daughters/Poison Sect (3.9%), Tang Clan (3.3%), Medicine City (1.7%), Carefree City (1.1%), non-Qin royal family (0.6%), and someone who wants to rule over the world as its administrator! Ahem, PGC the System Transmigration Novel, anyone?

You guys are all Gu Beiyue stans, aren't you? Or moneybags wannabes. All that aside, we have following them the Black Clan (6.6%), Mermaid Clan (6.1%), Wind Clan (3.9%) and Li Clan (1.7%). Yeah I don't blame you, those Li fellows don't sound all that exciting in comparison snorts.

Now moving on to survey free-response questions!

If you could meet with one character in PGC for 5 minutes, who would you pick and what would you say/do?

Most people picked the main characters featured in the favorite characters poll, especially LFY, HYX, GQS, and GBY. Besides admiring LFY and HYX, a lot of readers wanted GQS to stop pining for MLE, MLE to start chasing after another guy, NC to calm down and know he's doing a good job, TL and NJ to stop fighting, etc etc. Here are some memorable quotes:

Readers who would probably die if their wishes came true:

  • han yuxi. leave long feiye, marry me
  • LFY, hold me by the waist and fly me to the moon and back
  • Long Feiye, I would attempt to hug him without dying in the process 
  • Long Feiye. I will hug him to test if he will resist my touch hehe
  • Ning Chen... I'd just stare at his greatness... Maybe get him to take his shirt off and stare at his abs...

Face-slapping! FACESLAPPING! (?)

  • Duanmu Yao! Slapped her, though maybe she would’ve killed me first😂.
  • Gu Qishao. First give him a really damn hard slap across the face then kiss him till he is gasping for his breath (...and life).

Awww.... <3

  • Chu tyanin and Ning Cheng : i feel like they don't deserve what happened to them.
  • I'd pick Gu Beiyue, who although was alone waiting for His Princess to show up, didn't give up his goals. Bowing to show my respect and admiration towards him and saying thank you for your hardwork! 
  • HYX, then screams at her, "Han Yunxi, I'm your fan!!!!!" then I will ask for her signature... 
  • i would pick han yunxi and tell her that she's living the dream of her life as she's into a profession which she is fond of and she has people who care for her genuinely and above all who the heck would say a no !! to a hot husband like long feiye and a best friend like gu beiyue
  • I would like to meet Han Yun Xi. How does her detox system worked out from virtual into real medicine ingredient ready and available whenever required 
  • Long Feiye, I would ask why he can't be real in our world and I would try to hug him, but he would probably push me away (germs and all) Gu Beiyue, i just want to see his gentle smile in real life action.
  • Gu Beiyue - just bask in his gentleness <3
  • Ning Chen: Don't be so stubborn. More than half of your problems, pains and heartaches will calm down if you calm down.
  • Tang Li and Ning Jing. I wish I could give them a big tight hug... and cry... T-T
  • Lil Thing, I want hug it


  • Han Yunxi and I would want her to take the SAT scaled down to a 5 minutes and see her proficiency 
  • Long Feiye and I’ll use that 5 minutes to stare at him. After all, he’s used to being stared at so it’ll be nothing new.
  • Mu Linger: girl, you're too good for him please get like 500 boyfriends
  • Gu Qishao! Shamelessly flatter, flirt, ask business tips, and invite to dinner. I bet Gu Qishao must have very interesting anecdotes! He's such a wild and unrestrained character!
  • Lil Thing! Request it to transform to its original beast form and ride on top of it wohooo!
  • HYX. Hmm and the 3 male leads (I can't choose only 1 character). Let's take wefies lol

Favorite Part of PGC?

Most people cited the story (plot) and romance, either between our main couple or side couples! A good number just said "All!" or "everything!" Here are more notable remarks:

Candidates for Yuuko's Bushii Army:

  • Snusnu😘
  • Chapter 840 😉
  • chapter 649 --> where long feiye and han yunxi made out with duanmu yao watching lol
  • snu snu~~ of course >.>
  • the femc actually has a decent time in bed for once oh my god
  • Snusnusnu chapter of course :)))

One True Pairing (OTP) Moments:

  • I love brilliant female characters,who can stand on their on and not damsel in distress.i love how lfy respected and treated hyx as equal not as someone below than him.
  • HYX asking LFY to play pretend for a lifetime in Jiangnan
  • When Iceblock slowly melted and it almost every parts. 
  • Every HYXxLFY heart to heart talks.  
  • The part where LFY found HYX and GQS in a suspicious embrace and the misunderstanding that follow. Its one of my favourite because of the making up process in the later chapters. And I cried a bit when LFY treated HYX brusquely.
  • When LFY finally realized that he loved HYX and put up posters everywhere when HYX went missing
  • Ye-Xi sweet moments... snu snu hahahaha Ah! Every moment that Han Yunxi showed her strength, intelligence, dignity and integrity.
  • 100-steps distance between two hearts

Badass Hero Moments:

  • The beginning when Han Yunxi was fighting alone against everyone, and I liked the scene at Tianning.
  • HYX and LFY scamming people
  • My favorite part of PGC would be how Long Feiye and Han Yunxi deal with their haters
  • Strong and relevant female characters and they’re not just cutouts of Dumbo Yao.
  • When HYX - LFY in Tianning capital and filed they problem like mu liuyue, mu qingqu, murong wanru, etc..

Plot Stuff + Other Relationships:

  • Everything ...I like everything about this Novel ..From the start ..The way Han Yunxi analyzes every situations ...If you trust me she should be the real Empress...Every part of the Victory long Grote had was because of her... All the factions have yielded to Han Yunxi ...
  • (Aside from the romance of our main couple) the world-building!!
  • I love the relationships and friendships of HYX, LFY, GBY, and GQS 
  • I love the style of point of views of the characters and the descriptions are amazing. I also fell in love with the plot the second I started reading it.
  • Smart, brave characters and humor sprinkled along the way
  • It's a story that just keeps giving.
  • Gu Qi Shao as a guest in Tianing Qin Manor

Least Favorite Part of PGC?

A lot of readers cited the length or the wait for new chapters (ahaha ^-^;;;;), while some said "none/nothing" and high-stress story arcs where the villains took center stage or HYX and LFY had conflicts with their enemies and/or each other. More memorable quotes below:

Darn Those Villains!

  • Never dying Duanmu Yao (DIEEEE!!!!)
  • Any part where DMY appears.
  • Some of the side/enemy female characters are a bit too petty/spiteful and one dimensional :(
  • Ignorace of LFY's fans (MLY, DMY, CQG, Young Miss of City of Daughter, etc)
  • Antagonists - almost all women - stupid, delusional disorder and temper tantrum. Hunf! PCG needs a good female villain.
  • When they are interrogating Su Xiaoyu :(. It's too harsh for a kid. IMO.

When Plot Gets Too Much:

  • I don't really know. And i like Pgc, but often i don't like it either. When it's redondant and boring . Exemple : mute granny.
  • The parts where they travel... Sorry but I think it's sooooo boring
  • Politic, military
  • Beginning where there were petty schemes
  • All they lovey-dovey scene.

Everything's Fine:

  • There is nothing I don't like
  • All it's a amazing storie
  • noneeee, it's perfect...

Personal Insights:

  • How admiration and genuine respect have been lowered down to obsessive "love" just because the opposite person is female. Han Yun Xi doesn't have any real friends who like her just for her without the burden of love. That's just sad and a bit too much. Tang Li seems to be the only person (male) who truly appreciates HYX (without needing something in return)
  • Following cliche tropes of transmigration stories when this story is brilliant on it’s own already. Handsome male lead and beautiful female lead and no one can even hope to come close to their looks ever. Gaining an awesome pet, having a highly respected teacher, every male relevant loves her, all females that like Long Feiye are stupid. Oops, going on a rant here toodles~~
  • Long Feiye having a superiority complex with Han Yunxi especially when he tells her, "The world is bigger than you think." like duh!! Han Yunxi is from the future and I bet she can even recite the world map by heart unlike his world where beyond the cloud realm continent is mysterious. Seriously?

Last Remarks from Readers:

Hellos and Thanks:

    • Hey there ...I can't ever comment on any of your updates ...But thanks to this quiz that made it possible for me to interact...( I have re read each of your updates and even the comments ...) Keep doing good jobs ..And please complete this Novel...
    • Hai Ruyi, i tried to participate in this quiz. love all the question and i tried to answer based on my sole memory ( i read PGC over and over while waiting your update), probably not all correct but i tried ( LOL) 
    • Thank you for your hard work. I wouldn't do it every day like you do so I'm really grateful and understand when (if) you're lazy when doing it.
    • Thank you for keeping your promises although your schedule must've been full most of the time!!! Thank you for your live translations!!!💕💕💕💕💕
    • it was fun ....even though i wouls have read the story more than 8 times from the start to the current chapter still i was having some difficulty in answering a few questions
    • 😭 I have this very bad habit of skipping over ranks and whatnot when I read and it really came to bite my behind. But most of all, thanks for all your hard work. I believe I’ve started reading your translations when it got to 100.
    • You got me hooked on Go Princess Go with your teasers! Good job, and thank you for translating 😍😘

Longer Commentary:

  • Ruyi-samaaaa, thank you very much for making my life a lot brighter and fun by translating this wonderful novel for us. I read a lot of novels and PGC is my first Chinese web-novel, and I'm truly happy that this is my first novel. After reading quite some other web-novel, I might stop reading all web-novel altogether for I can't really stand the stories, but thankfully I met this wonderful one before all others.
  • Thank you for translating this novel! I'm an ABC(American Born Chinese) and I love reading this sooooooo much! My family is from Hong Kong so I can speak Cantonese fluently but not really Mandarin. I can read a little bit of Chinese but not to the point where I can translate novels. Sorry this is a bit long for a last remark but I just wanted to say thank you!!!
  • This novel is so beautifully translated. I cried several times and its a testament to your translating skill. To be able to convey the original emotion of the novel is truly remarkable. I hope you will continue to translate even after PGC is completed. Thank you for the beautiful job👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  • Thank you for translating this fabulous work! I appreciate it and I am glad that I am able to read this intricate and lovely story. I don't know what I would do if I was not able to read it due to not being able to read or understand Chinese at all! Thank you
  • I appreciate you choosing to translate this book because it helped me understand their world better and feel closer to the characters... I enjoyed the movie but the book made everything more real and filled in the emotional gaps that the movie left in my heart.. and the book has a more scifi feel and futuristic feel and I like that... the book has a "Fights Break Sphere" feel to it.. and that is one of my favorite movies with Leo Wu... so the book really speaks to my heart.. Thank you for your time and effort by bringing this story to my life..I won't ever forget your efforts..
  • Without translators, I would have lived my whole life without knowing an epic saga like LFY n HYX's romance exists. And other great stories. You translators are super heroes!! I especially bow down to your perseverance. I cannot imagine what committing myself to a continuous 2-3 years long project would feel like; it's too daunting to think about! Thank you thank you thank you so very much!! Your translation is delightful!
  • I love this novel and I have read this 3 times already yet I am back. I love the main couple not because of how powerful or magnificent they are but for their realistic progression of their relationship where they grow together as a couple. Long Feiye is hardly the perfect man but she fell in love with him for all of his good and bad. And that journey of growth between the two is so well written and translated for all non-Chinese to understand, kudos to the author and the translator of this translation.
  • Thank you Ruyi for all your hard work and dedication to translating PGC. Your translation and writing is soooo good. Without you, I would have never discovered PGC and the world of C-Novels. PGC is now my favorite C-Novel of all-time. Keep up the good work Ruyi! Will stay with you till the end of the PGC journey. 💪💪💪 Also, sorry Ruyi, I have to betray you to join the Bushii Island...lots of hotties and great bods....hard to resist 😂😂😂 Hotties > Food 😂😂😂

Words from the Translator:

Wow, so it's been a good few years since I've started on this novel translation project! Some of you have followed me since the start, while others joined in the fun along the way. Whatever the case, you're all here because of PGC, and I think that's something really special. Just like all your efforts earned these bonus chapters, your love for Han Yunxi and Long Feiye's journey fuels me to translate more as well! Of course we're going to see this novel to the end. That was something I promised myself when I undertook this project. Ahem...sometimes I've been slower or delayed, but after coming this far, I'm not gonna leave you guys hanging!

Through PGC I've gotten a better handle on Chinese (and webnovel cliches, heh) as well as readers like you--your likes and dislikes, your inside-jokes and mini-commentary-societies. It's been quieter since we've moved to the new site, but I hope to hear more of your voices in the future (if not in comments, then in quizzes like these)! This post is already getting insanely long, so I'm going to wrap up here and finish up translating today's chapter. 

Until next time, live well and happy reading! 



Coming Up Next Time... the PGC Personality Quiz! Stay tuned at a PGC Chapter Announcement Post near you!