Pampered Genius Consort: PGC is getting a visual novel!

2019's gearing up to be an exciting new year as we witness the launch of PGC's visual novel adaptation, Pampered Genius Consort! (Chinese: 天才小宠妃, or Tian Cai Xiao Chong Fei.) Players take on the role of Han Yunxi, the Duke of Qin's official (and most favored) consort as they navigate the hidden traps of Long Feiye's estate and Tianning Country! Like PGC's drama adaptation, Pampered Genius Consort will have a derivative plot, but one heavily inspired by Han Yunxi's transmigration roots with tie-ins to the modern timeline. Canonically, the story is set after Chapter 221 in PGC, when an unexpected series of events whisks our heroine into an alternate universe... 

Important: Please read this post for the latest updates.

Be sure to visit the official twitter: @pgc_VN

[STORY] Han Yunxi is a transmigrator from the present thrown into a dangerous past. As the young consort of Tianning's Duke of Qin, she must contend with rivals both within the estate and about at court. Add that to a series of sinister poisonings in the capital, and her married life is anything but easy! Will she succeed in thwarting her enemies to stand as Tianning's #1 Wangfei? Or will destiny link her heart with another's altogether?

What we know so far is that the visual novel features:

  • 4 obtainable love interests
  • 16 different endings
  • 3 bonus epilogues
  • Mystery, tragedy, romance and action

Will you successfully keep your seat as top wife in Long Feiye's personal harem?

From left to right: Murong Wanru, Han Yunxi (you!), Duanmu Yao, and Baili Mingxiang.

Which of these four male leads deserve your affections?

From left to right: Gu Beiyue, Gi Qishao, Long Feiye, and Tang Li.

Servants in the household can be your allies or enemies, while citizens in the city can be befriended or bribed.

From left to right: servant girls Qiu'er and Chen Xiang, a shopkeeper, and a waiter.

Can you solve the mystery of the white-robed gentleman and the dark-masked man?

From left to right: two mysterious figures. Somehow, you feel like you know them both...

Or perhaps your happy ending isn't here at all, but in a completely different time space...

From left to right: CEO Gu Qishao, toxicologist Han Yunxi, and assistant professor Gu Beiyue.

Explore Tianning Country's beautiful capital city as you unravel clues to sinister schemes lurking beneath its surface:

An interactive map menu will allow players to navigate to various points around the city.

The bustling streets of Tianning are always lively and full of trinkets that make perfect gifts for that special someone.

Stop by one of Tianning's many teashops to catch up on the latest gossip--or eavesdrop on a secret meeting!

Peaceful bamboo forests lie outside the city, but unseen danger lurks within as well...

Will romance bloom beneath the rain of petals within a certain Plum Blossom Sea?

Information is still limited regarding release, but feel free to sample some music from Pampered Genius Consort's full soundtrack below. Tell me about your favorites!

There's also a video preview of some story scenes in this video. Watch to the end for a special surprise.

Edit: We also have a discussion thread up at NUF if you wanna fangirl there. ;) No spoilers please! uwu

Pampered Genius Consort is set to release in both English and Chinese in April 2019. Follow the official twitter account for latest updates. Pre-order bundles will come with a limited edition CD of Petal, the debut album of 2018 volare Beauty Contest's 3rd place winner Ruyi! (click to expand) [expand]

Note: Album art is from a concept shoot last year, she might have updated visuals since then![/expand]