Missing part from chapter 78 is now included

Hey guys! We had a part that was missing from chapter 78. I think the emperor had an erection so it was censored LOL. It's only somewhat NSFW. The real stuff comes later (wink wink, nudge nudge). Anyways, please go back and reread chapter 78 if you want to read what was taken out. I was going to release it as a 78.5 but the system wouldn't let me, so now chapter 78 is probably 4000 words or something. 

Thank you to HOUSEAU3 for her AMAZING translations! I say YAY, you say HOUSE. YAY! HOUSE! YAY! HOUSE!   

Here's the link to chapter 78 if you're too lazy to search for it. Stay tuned for more frustration and sexy time!