Killer Nights Man-Cold Hiatus + Bonus

Sorry Killer Nights fans, but I'm currently suffering from a serious bout of the man-cold, which makes it hard for me to concentrate.  I expect to post the next chapter on Thursday, January 4, 2018.

In the meantime, please enjoy this video clip from the second season of the Chinese reality show "Sing My Song."  It is an original composition by the contestant, singer-songwriter Dai Quan.  The song's name is "Wukong" in an homage to Sun Wukong (aka The Monkey King), the primary protagonist in the classic Chinese novel "Journey to the West."  The song's beautiful lyrics are written primarily in classical Chinese (aka the Latin of the East Asian world) and is heavily laden with Buddhist themes.  The lyrics also touch upon the four qualities that Dai Quan believes exemplifies Sun Wukong: rebelliousness, mercuriality, optimism, and perseverance.

Lyrics in the original Chinese as well as the English translation (provided by yours truly) can be found below.  Enjoy!


月溅星河,长路漫漫, The moonlight splashes on the Milky Way, but there’s still a long road ahead,

风烟残尽,独影阑珊; Cloudy mists hang in the air, as a lone shadow slowly wanes;

谁叫我身手不凡, Why do I have to be extraordinary,

谁让我爱恨两难, Why must I be caught in between love and hate,

到后来,肝肠寸断。 At the end, a heart shattered into a million pieces.

幻世当空,恩怨休怀, This transitory world is empty, feelings of gratitude and resentment are meaningless,

舍悟离迷,六尘不改; I’m willing to sacrifice my life for the truth, but my six senses stay true;

且怒且悲且狂哉, Am I feeling anger, grief, or madness,

是人是鬼是妖怪, Am I a man, a ghost, or a demon,

不过是,心有魔债。 No, I just have a heart filled with desire.

叫一声佛祖,回头无岸, Once you call out to Buddha, you can no longer turn back,

跪一人为师,生死无关; Once you kneel before your master, life and death no longer matter;

善恶浮世真假界, True good or evil in the world,

尘缘散聚不分明, Is as unclear as karma scattered like dust,

难断! Difficult to tell!

我要这铁棒有何用, What use is there for wanting my staff,

我有这变化又如何; What use is there for having my disguises;

还是不安,还是氐惆, I’m still uneasy, I’m still upset,

金箍当头,欲说还休。 With the golden band atop my head, I can only remain silent.

我要这铁棒醉舞魔, But I want to dance in drunkenness swinging my staff,

我有这变化乱迷浊; But I want to sow chaos with my disguises;

踏碎灵霄,放肆桀骜, Smashing the Celestial Temple, running wild and untamed,

世恶道险,终究难逃。 The evils of the world shall never escape my grasp.

这一棒,叫你灰飞烟灭。 With one strike of my staff, I shall send you into oblivion.