Mehxistence joins the HSSB team and kicks things off with a double!

Hello everyone, sharing a spot of good news on this fabulous Jan. 1, 2017 that the HSSB team has gotten another translator -- Mehxistence, and is announcing his addition with a bang! School and real life is keeping Hazlexnut rather busy, and I got the spark of an idea to direct Mehxistence towards HSSB when he applied to volare, so now here we are!

I read through Mehxistence's and am honored to welcome another talented translator to volare. He gets the true essence of the raws and his work flows quite smoothly even without an editor!

What does this mean straight off the bat? This means HSSB is now upgraded to 4x chapters a week, and that's plenty good news for everyone. :) Show him your love and persuade him to step it up even more if you'd like! :)