Once upon a time, there lived an adventurer who wandered the lands.

On the first day of the new year, he chanced upon a village.

The village was ailing, with barely sufficient sustenance for those who lived within.

So said the adventurer, “I will restore this village, and henceforth it shall flourish.”

He entered, and took over the role of village head.

The new village head was competent, and quickly restored basic sustenance to his beloved people.

Thus the first month of the former adventurer’s rule ended in happiness.

Hardship descended upon the village head in the second month, burdened with the remaining responsibilities of his previous adventuring life.

The village head did not falter.

“Come,” he said, “No difficulties can stand in the path of the resolute. Happiness, fulfilment and a divergence from the tragic mehness of life-this is what I promise you.”

And the village head gazed happily over the fruits of his exertions, watching his precious village grow day by day.

It had been tough, but that was enough.

Thus the second month of the village head’s rule ended in fulfilment.

The third month saw the village head freed up from the responsibilities of his previous adventuring life.

Hence he decided, “It is time to expand this village. Many shall be the people who benefit from its peaceful, grand stability.”

And so the village head worked on expanding his village. Vast new fields were permanently established, allowing for the easy sustenance of its new settlers.

Thus the third month of the village head’s rule ended with expansion.

The fourth month of the now former village head’s rule saw an unprecedented grand harvest.

Unknowingly, amidst his efforts, the village had since flourished from the beginning, turning into a town within a fortress in its own right.

Grand castle walls had been erected about the former village turned town, protecting its people from external enemies.

There was much aplenty for those who resided within, a far cry from the dilapidated village it had been in the past.

The new Fortress Lord rejoiced. A stable town had finally been established through his efforts, one that would endure for yet a long, long time more to come.

And thus the fourth month ended with the former village head having fully become a true Lord.

But in the fifth month, amidst those peaceful days of stability, the Forces of Mehness attacked.

Their assault was swift and fearsome.

One by one, neighbouring Lords were forced to flee for distant lands, bringing along what people they could. Yet a greater distance away, some directly surrendered.

The Forces of Mehness were strong, possessing abundant resources.

Numerous villages bowed their heads. Hence they acquiesced, joining in with their loot and plunder. For completely foolish it would be for them to resist.

As did some others, the Lord remained resolute, “The Forces of Mehness are running rampant. Yet, even if they do prevail in the end, as per the teachings of the great Mehdao, I will see their harm reduced to the minimum.”

Amidst the looming threat of the Forces of Mehness, the Lord stood steadfast by the side of his people.

Thus the fifth month ended with a great shadow hanging over the fortress town of the Lord.

Some time into the sixth month, the Forces of Mehness sent over a messenger to the Lord.

The Lord grit his teeth, heading off to parley.

Above all else, he wished to secure the livelihoods of his people.

And so he came to the point of parley, “Oh not-so-esteemed Forces of Mehness, I note your intentions. Your questionable reputation precedes you; yet, having built up this town with my own hands, I wish not for it to be sullied, tainted by the Great Mehness. Mayhap there are some grounds for our cooperation? I await a swift and reasonable response.”

The Lord remained in limbo for a week, choosing to believe against their total flagrant lack of wits.

Yet what came in eventual response was a messenger of utmost disrespect, “Oh Lord, what speak you of our reputation? Your utter ignorance is shocking. Fool that you are, perhaps you have been misled by some of your greater neighbouring Lords. But make no mistake, no cities can be built without craftsmen such as those whom we possess, and ALL areas of lodging must thereby be subject to our rule. For the past tens of years, us with our glorious reputation have been slogging tirelessly for the welfare of the people! Your actions stand against the will of the heavens. Truly, discard such laughable notions of yours and come under our wing. Such imbecilic notions of yours seem equivalent to that of a three year old, my friend! Join our grand Mehces of Forness. Hence grow and achieve enlightenment, and the admiration and respect of all under the heavens!

The Lord was rendered dumbstruck for a while.

Then he looked left and right. He saw the predicament of his neighbouring Lords who still remained.

The sadistic Forces of Mehness had been content with sitting their troops right at the border, ready to advance and crush all their opposition at a moment’s notice.

Some Lords stubbornly remained, unwilling to budge. They would live and fall with their precious towns.

One had even disappeared overnight, with it even rumoured that he had fled far from the lashes of their sadistic, ever-flying whip.

The Forces of Mehness were toying with the Lords, converting those they could to subjects of their rule while invisible lashes of qi struck at those who would not bow their heads.

Under their might, the fortresses of the Lords were equivalent to castles of sand under a sadistic, toying foot overhead.

“Oh, great, almighty Mehdao! What would you have me do!”

The Lord could bear it no longer.

With tears in his eyes, he fled back to his fortress overnight.

It was the last day of the sixth month. Exactly half a year ago, he had still been but a normal adventurer.

Opening his stores of reserves, The Lord’s face was grim as he distributed the next entire month’s worth of supplies to his people on that single day.

“In those distant, foreign lands to which my fellow Lords have fled, I will raise a new village,” The Lord said, “Forgive my lack of power, but I cannot be within these lands for the next month. The necessary supplies have already been distributed. Foundations will be established in preparation for those who would flee from the Forces of Mehness, leaving your beloved homelands. Lord Hazlex, your former village head, shall hold the fort, if he is so willing. A month later, if we still remain standing firm against the Forces of Mehness and you would still have me, I will return, and the harvests begin anew, till the inevitable end.”

The Lord got on his horse, galloping off into the night.

Unconsciously, far off into the distance, The Lord turned back for a final look at that town which he had spent an entire half year building up from a small, dilapidated village.

“A great tribulation has descended, and we are but helpless specks against the Forces of Mehness. Yet, if it is so possible, I wish for those happy days to continue. We stand in perilous times, and the future lies uncertain, but if it is so possible, if you may…” The Lord whispered, “Still, wait for me.”

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