What's up? I'm super hyped to join the team at Volare Translations... and I'm kicking things off with a triple release! From now on, my release schedule will be 1x a week + whatever gets sponsored.

Without further ado, the chapters are here:




In other news, I've obviously switched over from my original own site. In the switch, I'm sorry to have left so many readers in the dark. I know that it seemed like I just dropped off the face of the Earth, but I was pretty busy with exams, and when I was prepping to switch from my own site, I couldn't continue posting the chapters. Iit ended up being a (poorly kept) secret, and I definitely regret that I couldn't have been more clear with all you readers about what was going on.

I hope you continue reading and enjoying the novel! If you're looking for a reread, I went through all of the old Incarneous translations and my translations to consolidate the terminology and improve readability. Thanks! Leave a comment if you notice any errors, or just if you want to express your appreciation :)