HSSB Hits 50 with A Triple Release!+Meh's Rant

Hey all! We've reached 50 today! Here're the chapters:

Chapter 48: My strongest point is that I’m low-key (by hazlexnut!)

Chapter 49: The Phoenix Awaiting Nirvana (by Meh!!)

Chapter 50 : The Eastern Tang’s Sixteenth Prince (Sponsored by Fima R and Timo F!!!)

Hmmm, an intriguing new character appears in Chapter 50.

Anyway, with that, we've reached the 2.5x multiplier for this month(from the initial 20 chapters)!

The next goal's the 3x indicator(from regular chapters alone, up to C57's guaranteed already); let's reach Chapter 60 at the end of this month!

Now for a somewhat lengthy rant by Meh(just take it):

I've had it. That's it. This is all not working out like I thought it would...

Where is this all coming from? Remember last Friday when I said that there was something I wanted to say but just couldn't twist my mind around? Well, I've understood it now. Last Friday, I realised that I had turned into a zombie. Being on MC and all, I sat in front of the computer screen, doing a chapter on the phone before doing a chapter on the computer, with Discord open and all. I translated through the paragraphs of words like a snail. Soon, the sky had turned dark. I posted the chapters. I looked down at my hands...!!! The day was over!!!!!!

Before, having been stuck in camp and called to do stuff after stuff, I had been doing meh chapters super relaxed and slowly, just managing to post them out on time. Then I went on MC. Then I realised that I had turned into a zombified human being, the only thing in my life being 'Get the chapters out before I've to post them'! They actually took 2.5x longer at least to complete then they should have! How will I ever be able to increase my number of regular chapters that way?! God Forbid!

So yeah. That was what happened. I had it. No more Mr Slow Guy. And to surmise what eventually happened: The potential crisis has been averted!

This very day, having completed some of meh chapters the previous day in order to free mehself up for this, upon waking up, I immediately went to finish them up! Then, I spent a three-hour period editing the earlier chapters! Then, I went to grab a bite; it was lunchtime already! Then, I spent another three-hour period editing the earlier chapters! Then, I had to go do some weirdo yucky cleaning for CNY...Now, I've reread and posted the chapters and I'll be eating dinner soon! Without the mental torture of the hellhole that is camp, anything can be enjoyable, yeah!

No more mucking about with the earlier chapters! I can now officially proclaim that Incarneous's chapters are now at sufficient quality(consistency 100% met!), and Hazlexnut's chapters should be almost if not completely clear of Sun Saint Clans, God Forbid! All will go to translating meh later chapters in the Future!

I have seen, and I have foretold. From now on, there shall no longer by an I amongst the zombie! I, Zombe de Oracle, hereby proclaim that this translation shall not be compromised!

And with that, expecting an update in the schedule next month!

End of Rant