HSSB Chapters 999, 1000!!! and not a rant


After 1 and a half years and a bit more of TL-ing, Ascension!

Chapter 999: Broad Creed Mountain’s Immortal Bridge Martial Saint

Chapter 1000: Fortune awaiting at home

Sounds good?

No teaser because the number itself is intrinsically holy...or something.

The grand 1000 comes on a good note, as Yan Zhaoge ends a rampage and returns to BCM!

And in the style of me, because I entitle myself to do so, here is something like a mini-rant are some thoughts. As attributed to melodramatic propensity that cannot be helped...

Firstly, blablabla, I wanna thank people. Maybe it's cheesy or over the top or whatever, but I wanna so yeah.

Need to thank etvo first, obviously, not because she's a tyrant but because she's the boss of everything. I mean, um, she introduced me to HSSB like during 1st Jan or Dec 31st or whenever and then I learnt of it.

Then, also hazelx and the other guy incarneous too who translated some of the earlier chapters before, because otherwise the chain of events would never had started and I innately can't imagine otherwise.

Also, I used to have two editors at two separate points in time long ago before, one TNT and one ship.

And then 1st sponsor, Daniel P? This things give motivation, especially early on. It made me happy, I'm sure!

People in hssb channel who point out mistakes. scdarksoul has helped point out many things. !!!!! Rando has been there since I can remember. anglesordamens is like some daoist expert with a lot of knowledge that far beats my meagre googling skills, especially when I'm being lazier than usual. And more, and etc...

And erm...volare is great?

Lots happened last year. There was an assault by the forces of mehness which left many perishing tragically in its wake. Things were never the same again. Even now their shadow looms over us. All we can do is hope and pray, for we are entirely at their mercy...

Not really. Anyway, yep, HSSB is vulnerable to a certain distasteful entity, but they can just do their worst-meh.

Speaking of meh, it was a great time when I comprehended the Mehdao last year, Transcending Mehxistence in an effective rebirth. Well, I have been seeking enlightenment of new daos in recent days and will be taking a week off effective now to facilitate deeper meditation.

Also, Ascension effectively also means that the chains that shackle one to the material realms below have been broken. In essence, now that this new realm has been attained, there is no longer a need for motivation. The phrase 'The Mehdao shall provide' highlighted the might of the all-encompassing Mehdao as a source of chapters that shall run as humanity eternally flows along with the river of time, yet the time has come.

The Mehdao exists as the manifestation of the human dao for all existing members of humanity, yet the ultimate Grand dao consists too of the great dao which is essential to all human flourishing. I will henceforth be embarking on a quest into the numerous daos of the great dao besides this same dao of translation. The Mehdao having been consolidated, the chapters shall henceforth be assimilated into the natural dao, from which offerings shall hereby flow. The Mehdao simply remains as seen in the manifestations of all human activity, yet no longer need my foundation remain solely in the Mehdao.

Anyway, it's time to close my Patreon thing when I remember to, am not lazy enough and am technologically capable enough which is really a tough one for me. I'm taking a week off for meditations, and hopefully will see many great gains. I'll continue translating consistently when I get back and not randomly stop. It's all same as usual, really.

Meanwhile, am I rambling? Whatever. Meheheh.

Chapter 1000, finally, after 567 days! It's been a long time. Meheheheheheheh!

Well, whatever. The main thing is that I feel a sense of accomplishment, which is the most important thing too, so yeah.


Will see you when I do!