HSSB Chapters 98, 99 (End of Volume 1!)

9 more days to ORD!

It's the single digits already!

1 more day to Chapter 100!

And as the title suggests...

We've finished Volume 1: <<Counterattack Of The Senior Brother>> today!

Tomorrow begins Volume 2: <<Who Under The Heavens Doesn't Know This Lord>>!!! (From volume names alone, epic arcs incoming alert!!!)

According to Qidian, there are ~100 chapters per volume (10~give or take), and the number of chapters currently released should be...998?

Based on the author's release speed, Meh supposes we'll hit 100 about the same time that he hits 1000? Hm...

Anyway, End of Volume 1!!! Yeah!!!!!!

Now, back to Meh.

Meh'll be taking tomorrow off!......is not what Meh is going to say.

But it's true that Meh be returning to camp tomorrow...

And with a duty too.

Long story.

To summarize, someone got blindsided by a mugger on the roadside. Twists and turns->>>Meh does duty.

Well, Meh shall not be sad. The bugger shall get his due!!!

Hmmm, Meh should even feel sorry for the bugger because of how pathetic his life be and how his flawed being will never get anywhere in the future...is not what Meh is going to say. Meh will not go that far. Not when they also harm others in their buggery-ishness in the process. It ain't cute at all, Mehsays!

But this Meh not be raging, because this Meh gets past it! The qi flow of the Heavens and Earth swirl around Meh, and Meh is not a Ye Jing!! This Meh will never suffer his brain such, and this Meh will not step back to look at what becomes of said sucker as Meh, moves, on!!!

Hmmm...let the (minor but still significant when stacked) negative energy of all HSSB readers swarm together and unleash a devastating move on...um, who was it again?...and descend upon that entity a hundred years of bad luck!!! Yah!!!!!!

Meh be merciless?

Aw, Meh be Meh.

Whereas, Meh be happy!

Tomorrow, Meh be going back to camp happy, and returning home on Thursday, whereupon it will be an even more super busy day for Meh because Meh has to go straight to XXX Camp to get Meh ORD clearance form signed!!! Sad but yeah!!! One week from ORD, be Meh's final day in army camps!!!!!!

And of course, Meh still be releasing Meh HSSB!!! Although time'll be little for Meh...Meh'll definitely be posting, albeit half a day earlier than usual!

And as HSSB steps into the 100, and Meh steps into his real last 2 days in camp, and TNT's glossary+character list be supposed to come out tomorrow, of course, Meh'll have to add on a new expand clicky thingy on the TOC for volumes! Meh can't do it soon at all, so it be going to TNT's to-do list. Along with, hmmm, from Chapter 100, Meh be completely certain that Meh should switch the inaccurate Transcending Impurity to Transcending Mortality, the true, accurate translation of the term.

Tomorrow, be Book 2!

Tomorrow, be Chapter 100!

Tomorrow, be Transcending Mortality!


Tomorrow; The Mortal Meh!