HSSB Chapters 96, 97

10 more days to ORD!


Today, epic chapters!!!

This Meh's heart was burning as he translated them! Although not as literally burning as Ye Jing's, ahem.

Without further ado!

Wait, hmm...

Meh actually wanted to talk about how Meh gained major insights in the dao of translation over yesterday night spent meditating on the dao over flight delays at the airport, as well as have seen significant progress as a result, as Meh's attainments in the dao have greatly increased, now it being only a matter of time that Meh achieves his own dao following his stabilising of his foundations over the rest of these 10 days after which the final breakthrough will come.

Meh. But that can wait for another day.

Now, without further ado(really this time), here's the chapters as well as brilliant, perfect teaser which Meh has taken the liberty of naming here!!!

Chapter 96: Killing Yan Xu!

Chapter 97: Killing Ye Jing!

Teaser98: The Miserable Universe!

Uh...aw, Meh wants to kill people too...Nah, you think Meh would really say that! No! At least not while VR doesn't properly exist yet!

Meh'd like to rant about how good VR is someday! But that'll have to wait for another day as well.

Now, slowly, delightfully, carefully take the time to relish and savour these succulent, delightful chapters, hanging over every single word, every single Mehquote, every single step of the way!

Hmmm, Meh just realises that the SAO movie be coming out in like three days. Mehwants to watch and rant about it too! Is not what Meh wants to say. Meh'd just like to watch it. Mehrants all come inspired.

Go watch some heads fly, Mehsays!

Go watch some souls going BOOM, Mehsays!!!

YAH! GogogogogoOhohohohoho...


End of MC but Meh be eternal!