HSSB Chapters 93, 94

11 more days to ORD!

Here's today's double!


Today, some interesting stuff is revealed! And we beginning moving up the road to a climax!

Which, should should erupt in full tomorrow!!!

A chapter today was edited by TNT! Meh so love having someone to edit for Meh! Mehwish Meh could have editor slaves...then Meh could translate SO much faster...

Anyways...here be mehchaps:

Chapter 93: Throwing dirty water, I can too (Edited by TianTeahouse)

Chapter 94: None of them can think of escaping!

Click on the teaser for a closer look at what exactly will be coming! Hehe...


Last day of MC tomorrow! But Meh's got a day of leave next, hehe. Mehscapism success!

Requesting sponsored chapters! Requesting Meh'ss releases as we break though that bottleneck!!!

More be coming tomorow!!!!


End of day