HSSB Chapters 91, 92

12 more days to ORD!

Happy weekend!


Today in HSSB, Ye Jing and Yan Xu get owned!

Interesting how our Universe's Favoured MC can get owned so much from just dying early...

Watch that ownage now!

And then, never fear, for this form of ownage is just like, a warm-up, of sorts!

Tomorrow, the real, BOOM, ownage will begin!!!


So, here's meh today chapters(as named by Meh!):

Chapter 91: Ye Jing gets owned

Chapter 92: Yan Xu gets owned

Get some more of that ownage in that teaser too!


Hmmm...Meh wants to own people as well!!! but Meh can't...

Meh: Meh.........


Aw, meh