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Sadly, there is some TL stuff that Meh has to clarify now. Hmmm, you know how Chinese words can usually be interpreted as both singular and plural at the same time? Yeah, meh. Apparently in the first chapters when Meh first started translating, Meh got owned. Remember Punishment Hall and Disciplinary Elder? After their first instance Meh actually thought that there was only one Disciplinary Elder for each region and that Elder Qin was actually the guy who questioned YZG when Meh just started out even though he wouldn't possibly have moved for such things...the East Elder is actually someone overseeing an entire Region, above the Assignment Hall Elders including Acting and Principal Elders AS well as Disciplinary Elders.

TNT was smart. He grasped the correct reading even though he was reading a slight mistranslation. Meh got mixed up in 'a' and 'the' and some instances of 's' as well. Aw, meh. No more Punishment Elders! Who the meh would could call a Hall a Punishment Hall anyway, meh?! Meh's already gone back to Chapters 22 and 23 and did some edits and TNT will slowly work on the rest too. TNT will be finishing up the glossary and character list stuff for 100, too. TNT got a new gf. Meh is envious. People tend to become like monks in the army. Except for those who don't, that is. Oh well.

Hmmm, also, direct disciples are the correct term, alright(don't have to be from a bloodline.)? Core disciples are only descriptive. And that Final Disciple thingy that appeared, that was a 'Close Door Disciple' who's the last disciple of a master whom he showers the most care and attention on, apparently. If Meh didn't get cheated by Google. Meh is weirded out by the literal meaning. Other than that, what other terms are there that could possibly appear in a cultivation novel like this? Um...personal and nominal disciples, Mehguess...Anyway, Meh will go back and endnote it soon.


So, back to the chapters! It'll be a triple today, because the chapters wanted to play a little troll yesterday!!!

Ahem. That chapter-teaser combo didn't really let out all their troll potential yesterday. You might really have thought that YZG would have to himself fight, didya? Mehthinks that might have been a possible guess...but that's not what happens. As for what actually happens...well, you can see for yourself.

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Once again, Meh says: Ye think the action is over? Think again! And again! And again!

Meh suspects that mehbe there meh be mehny action chapters for a long time to come. Mehbe the past chapters before this which may have been rather lacking in comparison were but a foundation.

Alright, here be meh chapters!!!

Chapter 88: If you want to blame someone, blame (Yan Xu) (lol)

Chapter 89: The Iron Lion King (that's right!)

Chapter 90: Elder Yan, long time no see (Ohhhhhh! But you've got to own him first. What'ddo they say in Chinese? First rape next kill? Um, not exactly, but you get meh drift)

Teaser 91: Direct Confrontation! (well, this is also a good teaser which rounds up the end of Chapter 90 nicely, so Meh should just link it here as well, huh?)


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