HSSB Chapters 81, 82, 83

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Yo guys, triple release today, and some reallllllly exciting chapters(+teaser) too!

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Right on guys, let's see many more triples(or even more!!!) will come in these next 16 days!!! Let's surpass levels just like Yan Zhaoge, meh!

Now, here's for today's chapters. Ohohoho, guys, our CNY eve's release saw a character's death, right? Ehehehe...what shall we witness today...

Coming up:

Chapter 81: Xiao Shen, where’re you going?! (The build-up)

Chapter 82: The ferocious Yan Zhaoge! (Um, not for the weak-hearted? Meh dunno...)

Chapter 83: Plans cannot keep up with changes (The hell, this YZG's such a carry!)

Teaser for C84: Life is like a stage, fully dependent on your acting skills! (This one, you might NOT want to give a miss)

And so ends the Spirit Wind Canyon Teeny-mini arc!

And so the battle with the Sacred Sun Clan continues in suspense(Meh is in suspense as well!)!!

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