HSSB Chapters 79, 80

17 more days to ORD!


Today, Meh got meh tooth plucked!

The dentist knocked, drilled, hammered, pulled. One teeth was broken into four before he managed to get it all out. The other just flew straight, directly out after a bit, wow!

But, more importantly, Meh got an 8 day MC for 10~mins of lying down on a dentist chair again! Woohoooooooooo!

And also, from these past few crazy super busy weeks, Meh also finally got a chance to rest today!!!!! Credit to hazlexnut, with his Monday chapter! Yeahhhh for strength in numbers!

Hmmm, Meh got some R and R today all right. Meh played his first 2 LOL ranked games of the year! Only won one of them anyway, but it was more like games of luck, really.

Meh finished catching up to the raws of Legend of the Dragon King! Really awesome arc!

And...Meh finally finished watching this amazing anime, Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de! Hmmm, meh 24th anime or something? Would still 10/10 it! Yes!

Meh also just watched this new CNY movie, Kungfu Yoga! Lol, there was one part where JC suddenly began, "The bitter sea has no bounds, turn back and face the shore..." Then, bam! So funny!!! Lol, meh should also go TL some of those, then act cool just like Yan Zhaoge!

Speaking of Yan Zhaoge...you didn't think it'd be so soon, didya, but the Sacred Sun Clan's invasion has begun! And Xiao Shen, hmmm, I'll like to see his outcome. Chapters, chapters.

Chapter 79: Enemies pressuring the border

Chapter 80: The Battle of Spirit Wind Canyon

And the teaser, you can click yourself if you want.

Hold on! Just wanna say that; from tomorrow onwards, Meh can finally begin getting used to a regular TL-ing schedule! Meh'll check on TNT's progress with the glossary stuff and whatnot, and rope him back in to edit for Meh as well! No more camp, no more crazy overwork, no more no Mehtime at all!

When Meh be returning to camp next week, leave discounted, still two more days then...meh, Meh'll just go get mehself an MC or so-meh-thing.

Ar-meh, Meh hereby casts yeh to the bitter pits of doom!

HSSB, Meh embraces you!

Meh loves that cool VR novel as well!!!

Oops, Meh just got invited to a game.

Wella, time for meh to go for the rest of his rest day before meh goes for all of that TL-ing tomorrow!

Meh Strides ON!!!! Woohoooooooo!


Nice Weather Today